Friday, 11 September 2009


Goodness me! It's been a while. Few things have happened, I'll go through the list in order of bits and pieces I've done!
  • Make £250/£400 on Ebay (#04/#05) - I've been selling a few more things and I'm now at £148.75!
  • I also bought a 1980s snakeskin bag from a vintage store today, making #06 02/20
  • Stretched my lobes to 8mm, ALMOST AT THE GOAL! (#20)
  • I was tattooed today also, starting on task #31. I'm already itching to get more
  • Jack's Mannequin played Glasgow on the 31st of August, I was there to see it. Amazinggg. Taking #36 to 02/30
  • Russian class started this week too, I enjoyed the first lesson. (#47)
  • I also recently watched District 9, World Trade Center and United 93 (there was a recent theme on tv... as you can see) so #56 is at 21/50! Almost half way.
  • A friend of mine is currently in Iraq so I sent a large parcel to them the other week, bringing #72 to 02/10.
  • Guess what I did yesterday? I WENT SWIMMING. First time in 11 years. Completing #88! Awesome.
So I have managed to do some bits :]

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Extra holes 365 / 007

Extra holes 365 / 007

I'm currently suffering from a kidney infection (yey D:) so I've not been able to do much but here's what I've done lately -
  • Applied for a Russian Language course - Start Sept 7th (#47)
  • Continued with 365 days photo task (as seen above)
  • Purchased a swimsuit. Half way to #88
  • Purchased a piece of Vintage jewellery (#06) which is pictured below. HOW CUTE?!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Like ma hurrr?

I've started 365 days photo task on Flickr (#55). I'll try post my new photo every day so beware!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Marc Jacobs watch, here I come!

Received my vouchers today (#65)! Deeelish. Also been watching a few movies recently taking task #56 to the grand total of... 18. Haha.

14 - Click
15 - The Hangover
16 - Rolemodels
17 - Changeling
18 - Sex Drive

I liked all the movies, Click would have been better if it was another actor as the main character. Rolemodels was simply "okay" the others were good though!

I also watched another documentary (#63), "The man who predicted 9/11" which makes it 6/10. Not far to go!

Thursday, 30 July 2009


I've completed two more tasks!! First up, #65 Win a competition. Yep! I won £200 worth of House of Fraser vouchers, exciting! I cant decide what I want to buy though. I need a watch and I really like the look of some Marc Jacobs watches but we'll see! I'm going to attack the site and find the best things I can get! Yey.

I also took someone up on an offer I'd normally decline (#59), I was asked by a friend to enter Miss BBW UK 2010. It's like a pageant for big girls. I'll quote the site in a moment, but this is something I'd never even consider. I was given a push and asked a few people whether they thought it was a good idea and they all agreed it'd be good for me so, I'm waiting on the application form and I'm attending the first heat in November!

The criteria for entry is that you must be age 18 or over and a size 20 or above, you must also be willing to appear in the media, as the winner will be required to be the spokesperson for bbw’s in the UK, appear in magazine and newspaper articles, photo shoots, making personal appearances and other assignments from June 2010 – June 2011. The winner may also be required to travel if required to do so by sponsors of the competition and this may involve overseas travel and assignments, a truly exciting challenge!

I've also been watching documentaries to bring #63 upto 4/10. I've been using 4od & Iplayer, I highly recommend both! The documentaries I watched were "Ninety naps a day", "Tears, Tiaras and Transexuals" & "Virgin School". The last one was rather creepy though, I admit.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Another one down!

I have completed task 61! I completed it on the 18th ofcourse but I just haven't updated. I also added one more to #01 & #53. I've started task 62 aswell. I think this one will be the one I struggle with most as I do not usually eat breakfast but I'm actually enjoying weetabix at the moment so I'm hoping to get a month completed! I started this on the 20th of July.

Not much else to update on. I'm needing to start some more of the tasks I have on my list. Argh!

Monday, 13 July 2009


I'm attempting to add more to #14. I also had a date this weekend (#91) but it was ruined by a backhanded compliment. Still, 2 down. For #14 I'm updating it 10 at a time. I've crossed one out as it doesnt matter anymore so I'll add another to make up for it at the end.

100 things that make me happy (work in progress)
001. The "new text" symbol on my phone.
002. Crisp white bedding and feather pillows.
003. Freshly waxed legs.
004. Handwritten letters.
005. Being able to see the stars.
006. Music being played really loud through headphones.
007. Seeing a certain someone <3
008. Summer rain.
009. The sound of a tattoo gun.
010. Rocky Horror Picture Show.
011. Winston (our youngest dog) meeting me at the bottom of my stairs in the morning.
012. Having two seats to myself on the train.
013. Unexpected phone calls from friends.
014. Compliments (come on, who doesnt like them?!)
015. Good skin days.
016. Wearing heels.
017. Disney movies.
018. Guessing what song is coming on next & getting it right.
019. Stretching my lobes.
020. The Amelie soundtrack.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Clouds crash

I've been distant once again. I watched Ice Age 3 the other day, taking #56 to 13/50. I've booked tickets / hotel for a gig in August. I'd like to go to more but I'm really quite annoyed with supposed friends at the moment and have no one to go with. But I DEFINATELY will go to this one. I need to.
I've made some effort with #15 and have been convinced that I can infact class someone as a friend now. I'm really struggling to realise what a friend is so this task will be rather difficult due to not knowing the "levels" of friendship, if that.

I really really do need to go through my list and get some more sorted. Possible date tomorrow. I need to get some courage but it'll help towards #91 so I could use that as an excuse to push me onto the train ;)

Sunday, 28 June 2009

One more in progress!

Task #91 (go on ten dates) is now in progress. I had a date yesterday, it was rather last minute. We were planning on seeing eachother next Saturday but he called yesterday morning and asked to see him in 2hours. It was a rush but also successful. Well actually, what would one class as a successful date? We didnt flee. Both into each other, there wasn't any awkward silences either. I'd class that as a success.

Still carrying on with #61. 9 days so far!!